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Weaning & Fussy Eaters

Eating Breakfast

The very early stages of weaning is about exploration and it is an exciting transition for you and your child. This is the first introduction to your child’s taste for food, therefore can be an overwhelming experience if unsure of the weaning process. With some encouragement and tips given, this can be a messy and fun experience for you and your baby.


I offer one-to-one or weaning group sessions, which can be facilitated either remotely or at the comfort of your own home.

A messy baby is a happy baby!

During the toddler stage, your child may be refusing to eat or be a fussy eater. This can be a stressful and concerning time. Advise will be given to ensure a suitable method is used to encourage your child to explore new foods and to enjoy meal times. With this, I can provide you with a day to day routine and a few simple tips to help make the process easier for you and your child.

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